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Hello lovely members! Unfortunately promised polls and other various attempts to try to make the community more user-friendly have failed to materialise due to Real Life suddenly becoming - and staying - busy. For this I apologise profusely, and as ever comments and suggestions for ways to improve the community are more than welcome.

The main reason for this post, other than to apologise, is to ask if anybody would like to be a co-mod and essentially take on the comm. I'd still be active with smaller things such as dealing with tags, approving moderated submissions (currently only for initial posts with links, after which users will become unmoderated - it is purely a precaution), but if somebody would like to take on more of the design and functionality aspects, that would be great. Although I'm sure I could eventually work out how to do various things such as master posts of the rules / tags / etc., it would take me a while, and I haven't really much of an eye for design! I'm certain we have members who could make a much better job of it than me.

Of course if everybody's happy with the way things are, that's fine, but I'm sure there's always room for improvement! :)

Blackadder squee


I've been a bit slow to post this, but here it is (better late than never)! From Mr Finnemore's blog here:

Sorry for the pause - I will be back doing this more regularly soon. In the meantime, some quick Cabin Pressure / Own Trumpet Blowing news: I'm delighted to say that last night Cabin Pressure won the Writers' Guild award for Best Radio Comedy. Hooray!

(Image from WGA website).

I think this calls for our very first party post! So celebratory GIFs, sparkly caps, anything you want; please post them here in celebration!! XD

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*Bing Bong!*

Hello lovely Finnemore Fans, and welcome to our new members! (I don't know whether we should have a collective noun, and if so what it should be - any thoughts?) As our membership is increasing, once I have some more time on my hands I'd like to run a couple of polls for feedback on how the comm works - what we like, what we don't like, how we'd like to improve. But first, on the subject of membership ...

Poll #1785420 Membership Party Post

So, when should we have a party post?

At 100 membership
At 200 membership
At 250 membership
All of the above - any excuse for a party!
A party post when we reach certain membership? That's just lame.

In the comments of a Party Post I can offer ...

Graphics / GIFS
***SPARKLY CAPS!!!!!!!***
Artwork (nothing fancy - just a doodle on Paint or whatever)
Internet cookies
Arthur-like enthusiasm! Party posts are BRILLIANT!
Nothing. Like I said, lame.

Should we have a 'getting to know you' meme?

Don't care

As usual, any suggestions you have about the comm are always welcome, and please suggest questions for a 'getting to know you' meme in the comments if you'd like there to be one. Also, if anyone has a particular desire to actually do the Party Post (unless you all say it's lame) please say, as I have no experience and not much visual creativity!